Purchase 20 position for $200.

Your daily earning is 2% x $200 = $4.

On day #3 you can re-purchase 1 position using your balance.

On day #6 you can re-purchase 1 more position.

and so on.. until you have hundreds of positions or even thousands.

Be wise in managing your balance (earnings). Do compounding but don't forget to withdraw some of your earnings as your profit. Compounding is necessary but withdrawing is compulsory. Trust me on this: as you watch your daily earning raising, compounding can be very addictive, lol.

Remember, every position will finish giving you 2% daily in 75 days. This is when a JSS-Tripler position called "mature".

From every 4 matured JSS-Tripler position, you'll receive 1 (one) spot at JSS (matrix 2x2).

1 (one) JSS (matrix) position will give you $60 when cycle.

You spend $40 for 4 JSS-Tripler positions, and you earn $60 in return (150%).

Your 4 matured JSS-Tripler position give you 1 JSS matrix position that also gives you $60 when cycle (another 150%).

To sum it up, you earn $120 from every $40 investments or a total 300% of profit.
How To Make a Living with JSS Tripler!
First.. How much income would you need to live on?

I think most would say if they could make $100 cash in hand each and everyday then they could live comfortably on that!

That raises the question.. How to generate $100 everyday ($700 per week) cash in hand with zero effort.. except logging into the site each day to Buy More and Cash Out?

Lesson 1: You must add a large amount to start
Lesson 2: You must compound (re-invest) everyday
Lesson 3: You can cashout everyday once you have reached your goal!


Large amount to start.. $10,000
Compound (re-invest) everyday.. $200+
Reached your Goal.. $15,000

1: Add $10,000
2: Compound everyday until you have $15,000 balance
3: Once $15,000 attained (earning $300/day)
… Cashout $100 everyday!
… Compound $200 everyday!

That is it.. you will now be able to enjoy $100 Cash Out every single day!

JSS-Tripler can appear complicated but if you just focus on earning 2% per day and let the other parts of the Just Been Paid program such as JSS and the “Cash Added Bonus” look after themselves you will be earning far more than the example above.. just keep your eye on JSS-Tripler.. that is all I do!

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